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You and Me

You and Me

By Susan Boulter

As we go about out daily life

Do we ever give much thought?

To others in society

Who need a bit of help and support?

For them, their basic living skills,

May not come, so easily,

Yet with just little guidance

They can live, like you and me.


There are fourteen of such people

Who, in four cosy dwellings, reside

Eleven ladies and just three men

Living their days, in pride,

Each of the houses with comfort in mind

Are spacious and airy

So neatly designed. 

This ensures that each resident

Just like you and me

Can enjoy each new day

And live independently.


The provided support is given by Cwm Care

A dedicated Company

With an understanding flair.

Professional in every way

They endeavour to ensure

That every need of the client

Is completely catered for. 


It must bring lots of comfort

For relatives to see,

That heir loved ones live their lives

Just the same as you and me.


Whether relaxing or performing tasks,

Going out and having fun

Maybe spending time on privacy

The rights of everyone.

With plenty of guidance

From the staff on hand

The clients can achieve

Whatever they have planned.

Such carefree way of life

In deserved diversity,

These very special people

Live their lives just like you and me.  

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