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24 Milfraen Avenue (The Acorns)

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This is a semi-detached property located in the village of Nantyglo.  It is home for 2 young adults with a learning disability.  It has been used for this purpose since it was opened by the Acorns in 2002.  The home was purchased by Cwm Care Limited in April 2014.  It provides abundant shared spaces which complement and supplement three individual bedrooms for individuals.  Access to bedroom is by stairs. There is currently a vacancy for one individual.  

The three bedrooms are located upstairs and are fully furnished to individual requirements and specifications.  Individuals choose the furniture and decorations in their rooms.  The bedrooms provide independence and optimal privacy for individuals.  Each bedroom fully complies with required standards including individual TVs, wardrobe and adequate space for storage of personal possessions.

There is a large living room with shared TV connected to satellite, a large kitchen/dining room area and a separate dining room.  The bathroom downstairs has a bath and wet room facilities.  There is a toilet upstairs.  Individuals also choose the furniture and decorations in the shared areas.  Wi-Fi is available and individuals are encouraged IT skills. The spacious garage is used for storage of company's stock. 

There are large front and back gardens enclosed for privacy by well-trimmed hedges on the sides and back of the property and concrete wall in the front.  The back and front lawns are kept immaculately trimmed.  There is a raised area in the back lawn used as a sensory garden where Individuals are supported to grow their own flowers and vegetables. 



Milfraen has 2 female individuals.  Milfraen supports individuals with complex support needs including a primary diagnosis of learning disability. There is currently ONE vacancy. There is ONE VACANCY currently. This vacancy is suitable for female individual as the two individuals who live in this home are female and have never shared this home with a male individual. She must have a learning disability and age over 18 years. Please contact the home for for further information.


24 Milfraen Avenue
Nantyglo, Ebbw Vale
NP23 4PR

Tel: 01495 448816



The goal of Cwm Care is to partner with the individuals and their families, staff and social care professionals to create an environment where individuals want to live, families want to visit and employees want to work. We provide this service within the framework of the Regulated and Inspection of Social Care Act 2016. With Cwm Care individuals feel secure in the knowledge that someone will always be there to help. We believe that life should be enriching and our policies include providing great food, good friends and life-enhancing activities with reliable and courteous service. We also believe that people who require this type of care and support will flourish because of a more intimate home-like environment. Individual independence is our priority.

Cwm Care provides support for young adults with a learning disability.  We provide four residential homes and promote independent living for our individuals.  Many of our individuals have lived in their homes since 1992 and our staff have gained a wealth of experience supporting them.  Our individuals have a wide spectrum of learning disabilities requiring different levels of support.


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