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Greenfield Bungalow

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Greenfield Bungalow is home for one adult with a learning disability.  It was opened in 2007 by the Acorns for this purpose.  The home was purchased by Cwm Care Limited in April 2014.  It is located in Beaufort, Ebbw Vale, and about 400 yards from Sonael Bungalow.

 The home provides abundant shared spaces which complement and supplement three individual bedrooms for individuals.  The bedrooms are fully furnished to individual requirements and specifications.  Individuals choose the furniture and decorations in their rooms.  The bedrooms provide independence and optimal privacy for individuals.  Each bedroom fully complies with required standards including individual TVs, wardrobe and adequate space for storage of personal possessions.  Each room has a lockable wall-mounted cupboard for storing medications and valuable possessions. 

There is a large living room with shared TV connected to satellite and a large kitchen/dining room area. There is bathroom with hoist facilities and another with wet room facilities.  Individuals also choose the furniture and decorations in the shared areas. Internet facilities are available. 

There are large front and back gardens enclosed for privacy by well-trimmed hedges on the sides and back of the property and concrete wall in the front.  There is a paved area and well-trimmed lawn in the back.  There are chairs in the back garden used by individuals and staff on a sunny day.  The back overlooks a beautiful hill below which runs a stream.  This gives a relaxing sound and atmosphere when sitting in this area.  A patch of the garden on the side of the bungalow is used as a sensory garden and individuals are encouraged to grow their own flowers or vegetables.  All parts of the bungalow and its gardens are accessible by wheelchair. A shop is only a few minutes walk from the bungalow.  Individuals find this very useful.


Greenfield Bungalow is home for one individuals who is female but was home for a male individual in the past. Greenfield Bungalow supports individuals with complex support needs including a primary diagnosis of learning disability.  There is a vacancy for two individuals who can be male or female.  


Greenfield Bungalow
Greenfield Crescent
Beaufort, Ebbw Vale
NP23 5PS

Tel: 01495 441236



The goal of Cwm Care is to partner with the individuals and their families, staff and social care professionals to create an environment where individuals want to live, families want to visit and employees want to work. We provide this service within the framework of the Regulated and Inspection of Social Care Act 2016. With Cwm Care individuals feel secure in the knowledge that someone will always be there to help. We believe that life should be enriching and our policies include providing great food, good friends and life-enhancing activities with reliable and courteous service. We also believe that people who require this type of care and support will flourish because of a more intimate home-like environment. Individual independence is our priority.

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