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Staff Update

The management team of Cwm Care Limited have replaced the weekly meeting with a teleconference.  Issues discussed are shared with staff via email and here.  

I want to extend my sincere thanks to everyone for the good and hard job you are doing to support our individuals.  You have put the interest of our individuals above everything else.  I am eternally grateful for this.  

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will bring challenging times to people who provide care and support for others.  As this pandemic unfolds, it appears that more difficult times are yet to come.  As ever, we will rely on your support, commitment and enthusiasm to see us through this critical period.  To help us through this, your managers and I have developed the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Contingency Plan.  Here is a brief version.


We believe that giving you enough information about COVID-19 and our plans will empower you to support our individuals, your colleagues and the service better. 

1. Cwm Care website

We will give you regular update about the coronavirus on our website.  We have tried to answer some questions that staff may have under Frequently asked Questions (Q&A. Please feel free to ask your manager or myself any questions about how we can get through this difficult period.  You can access the website by clicking HERE. This link gives you further links to the latest information and advice by the government on coronavirus. 

2. Social media

All staff are members of WhatsApp group set up by your managers.  This will be used to update you on rota and other news.

3. Email

Your managers and I will use the email addresses of those who have given us one to keep you informed. 


We have developed a contingency staff rota.  This is developed with the assumption that 60 percent of the population will be affected (figures of up to 80 percent have been quoted). This means that on any given day of the week, at least 6 staff will be absent from Cwm Care Limited.  The rota provides for a single staff based in Sonael, Greenfield and Milfraen each and 2 staff in Penywuan on 12 hourly shifts. These staff will be supported by extra staff (usually managers who will be doing care duties) during peak support times. Peak support times are when more than one staff will be needed to support our individuals.  These include mornings for baths and personal care, breakfast and others as determine by the staff base in the home.  The supporting staff will move from one home to another as needed.  This will mean that we will adopt the unusual and unprecedented approach for individual support to be given when enough staff is available.  As indicated, this is unusual and unprecedented, and we hope we do not have to use these measures. 


PPEs are available in all homes for staff.  This includes face masks, aprons and gloves.  You will require eye protection if splashing will occur during the support given. PPE will be used according to national guidelines.  For our purpose, it will be used ONLY if any of our individuals has symptoms of COVID-19 and requires close contact to support.  Please see the guidance on our website: Click here:  


We have supplied extra stock in all homes.  Few weeks ago, managers were asked to include more non-perishable items to the shopping.  This is to ensure that in the worst-case scenario, our individuals will continue to enjoy proper meals. 

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